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Mom and Pop Christmas tree lots on the way out?


Where do you get your Christmas tree from? Do you head to the same Mom and Pop lot each year or do you go for convenience and get yours from a big box store instead?

In this age of convenience, we wondered how the family owned Christmas tree lots are faring compared to the chain stores.

Kevin Pressley, whose family own Darrell Simpson Family Christmas Trees and has set up shop on Kings Drive in Midtown since 1941, says don't count the Mom and Pop lots out just yet. 

"Sales have been great -- we've seen no decrease and actually we've picked up just a little bit so it's wonderful," he said. 

In fact, Pressley expects to sell at least eight thousand trees by Christmas Eve.

"And one guy told me the other day today, 'I've been actually here for 65 years coming to your lot'," he recalled.

Stories like that prove the yearly tradition so many have for getting the Christmas tree is alive and well.

That's despite how good sales are for trees at the big box stores are this year, including the Lowe's in South End where a worker told WBTV their trees have been selling like crazy.

But for Charlottean Brad Keller, there's no contest when it comes to where to get a Christmas tree each year.

"Great selection," he said. "You got somebody that can help you walk around through the lot. You know it's just a half step away from cutting your own."

He and his family have been coming to the Darrell Simpson Family Tree lot for years.

"I've never gotten a tree here that still wasn't fresh when I took it down," he pointed out. "So you spend an extra 10 to 15 bucks on a tree, it's Christmas. You want the tree to be great."

It's regulars like the Kellers that have Pressley believing folks still want that special experience over mere convenience.

"You can go to the chain stores and save a couple of bucks but it's about the experience and anyone you'll see that comes to a lot will say that it's worth the experience to come out here and do it."

Darrell Simpson Family Tree lot on Kings Drive is open every day through Christmas Eve.

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