Prayers for Billy Graham

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

Kilah Davenport's step-father is accused of beating her into a coma. Kilah's plight inspired a new law that punishes those who abuse children with much tougher penalties. Today, Joshua Houser appeared in court where he told the judge he didn't do it. Kilah's family says, he did. We'll check with our court reporter, Pamela Escobar, for the latest at 5:00.

We found out late last week the Reverend Billy Graham has good vital signs, but is weak after his latest hospital visit. Today, Graham's son, Franklin, wrote on Facebook, asking for prayers. He reiterated his father is weak but resting at home in Montreat.

A miracle in the rugged mountains of Northern Nevada-- two adults and four kids were missing for two nights in sub-zero temperatures. They were found alive and well this afternoon. We're hoping to hear more from authorities about how they were located.

Remember the buzz when George Shinn unveiled the first Hornets logo and Hugo the Hornet mascot? 26 years later, owner Michael Jordan will unveil the new Hornets logo and colors during a home game on December 21st. Will it be a rebirth for purple and teal?

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