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WBTV Speak Out Editorial Responses

The following is a response to a recent Speak Out editorial. The views expressed are solely those of the speaker.

Our recent editorial on the launch of the Affordable Care Act really struck a nerve with some viewers…

Jerry A. Goodnight believes we had an ulterior motive…

"We can cite a number of reports…that show it (the health care act) is working. But that obviously means nothing to companies like yourself that have caved in to the greed of the insurance companies that want ACA to fail."

Mike Randleman seems to agree…

"I have just watched Nick Simonette declare that his trashing of the efforts to implement the ACA was not politically influenced. I am so incensed at the blatant falsehood of that claim that I am tempted to boycott WBTV."

Bob DiMarzio concurred…

"I was disappointed by your partisan reporting regarding the Affordable Care Act. You basically summarized the Republican talking points."

Robin Bemis was also disappointed in our take, but she did say that:

"The start has been tough, but since Republicans don't have any alternative solutions and won't work with the Democrats to fix any problems…you must work with the ACA."

While Sonja R. Bristow feels safe with her company-provided insurance, she's just tired of the whole mess...

"This doesn't affect me as if I were unemployed. What does affect me is the constant bickering in government and constant whining of people who…didn't speak up when these issues were first coming to light. "

We thank all of you for watching WBTV and for taking the time to write us.

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