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Local bars packed during ACC, Panthers games

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The ACC Championship game may well produce the eventual nation football champion, couple that with the Panthers riding an eight game win streak going into New Orleans on a nationally televised game on Sunday night, some charlotte business owners are seeing an increase in revenue.
It was standing room only Sunday night at the All American Pub as Panther's fans gathered in crowds to watch the primetime showdown against the Saints.
Pub manager Al Giacomucci says between the Panthers game and the ACC title game on Saturday, he's already seen weekend sales sore higher than usual.
"Friday, we were up probably 20 to 30 percent, yesterday another 18 to 20 percent, so we've been very happy," said Giacomucci.
Giacomucci says he even had to bring in extra help for this weekend.

"I think it's great when you can go around the city and in bars and restaurants and have people excited about something and come together. It's great to have that feeling this late. Hopefully it carries into January," said sports fan Andrew D'Epagnier
As for Giacomucci, he hopes to see more weekends like this one in the future.
He believes it can boost sales for many small businesses around the city.

"It helps out everything about Charlotte. The national notoriety helps out small businesses. People are coming in town and going out. I know on a normal Sunday night, the bar industry is pretty dormant, but if you look around here there's a full house and everyone is ready to go. It's good for us," said Giacomucci.
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