Hickory early Sunday morning weather

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - A freezing rain weather advisory hung over Hickory all day long.

Early morning rain threatened power lines and tree limbs, but before the sun came up in Hickory the temperature never dropped below freezing. Those empty threats didn't stop Victoria Vandenberg from Wisconsin.

"I hear it's negative minus seven something like that," said Vandenberg, "So, it's really cold there."

North Carolina is no where near as cold or as deadly as the mid-west.

"I was concerned about the weather, but usually the morning run gives me energy to go through the day," said Vandenberg.

The cold weather didn't slow down runners in the early morning hours and after the sun came up at the Waffle House in Hickory they said the cold weather wouldn't slow down customers either.

"This place will be packed when it snows, sleets, rains any bad weather we get it all," said Gina Williams, "Other places close down. We stay open."

Ruth and Joe Howard of Mountain View are regulars. They wanted to make sure the threat of freezing rain didn't affect their meal before going to church.

"We wanted to wait until daylight just to be sure," said Ruth Howard, "Listening to weather reports on the TV and that."

And they planned to keep a close eye on mother nature.

"After church if it's bad we may skip Sunday school and hightail it home," said Joe Howard, "But other than that I don't have a lot of worries."

For 50 years the Howards have looked out for one another. They said if it's icy they hunker down at home.

"It's only sane way handling the weather like this when it gets bad," said Joe Howard.