Have you been a victim of "social engineering"?

Don't fall for social engineering

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You may have been a victim of "social engineering" and didn't even know.

When you get an email or even a phone call asking you to provide information so the caller can "reset your password", and you hand over the information freely, you've been socially engineered.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton explains how it works:

Social engineers decide to target a company

They go online to search engines, corporate websites, and social media to learn as much as they can

They pick up the phone or use email to reach out to employees

Often they will find someone that wants to "help" the person on the phone or email and they will get their credentials

Theresa also offers advice on protecting yourself at work and at home:

1. Never give your login information to ANYONE, including your boss or IT support

2. No legitimate service or network administrator will ask you for your password.

3. Be wary of "secret questions" which can be hacked.

4. Don't post things on social media that might give a clue to your password, id, or secret question answers

Ideas on protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your workplace can be found at these sites:


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