Ice storm weekend?

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron.

In the words of Panthers receiver Steve Smith, "ice up, son, ice up." And ice up is what we may be facing Sunday. Eric Thomas is calling for a freezing rain north of I-40 this weekend, but says it wouldn't take much to shift that system southward and give Charlotte a glazing.

The world reacts to the death of Nelson Mandela. We'll go to South Africa to hear about funeral plans that will last for the next ten days.

In South Carolina, a group of paranormal researchers say they have found evidence of Bigfoot. Cue the Twilight Zone music. A recent sighting in Oconee County led to the discovery of wood shelters researchers believe could not have been built by other wild animals.

If you are traveling for the holidays, Kristin Miranda has a warning tonight about fake WiFi in airports. You may think you're using legit Internet, but there are people hoping you won't notice them capturing your sensitive information.

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