The Toyota Prius c boasts some new looks at the Tokyo Auto Show!

The Toyota Prius c boasts some new looks at the Tokyo Auto Show!
Toyota Prius c for sale
Toyota Prius c for sale
new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte
new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte

Have you spotted the N Charlotte Toyota Prius c driving around town or on the highways? If the answer is yes, then probably one of the reasons you knew it was a new Toyota hybrid was because of its iconic design. This eco-friendly car might offer a whole new kind of style at Toyota of N Charlotte in the future, though!

At the Tokyo Auto Show, a few new concept cars were revealed. In Japan, this particular hybrid model is called the Aqua, and four different concepts of what this hybrid could look like down the line made an appearance!

Which new Toyota Prius c in N Charlotte would you drive?

The Toyota Prius family already boasts many different options for drivers to choose from and consider. However, it's possible that the Toyota Prius c could come in even more of a variety of styles! 
  • Aqua Air: Do you love to feel the wind in your hair while you drive down the highway? With the Auqa Air concept car, this is easier to accomplish than ever before! This two-door concept car is a convertible that would still maintain a 50 mpg fuel economy. 
  • Aqua Cross: If you love the space and style of an SUV, but still prefer having access to hybrid technology and don't like driving around large cars, this Toyota concept may be just right for you! It's designed to have a little bit of a taller appearance and also features a modified front and rear that gives it a little bit of an off-roading theme. Not to mention it also boasts all-wheel drive!
  • PremiAqua: Luxuriousness and hybrid technology don't always go hand in hand, but this concept car might change all that. It's designed to couple hybrid technology with indulgence. This means that the next time you get inside a Toyota hybrid, it's possible that it could come with features like alloy wheels and black leather trimmings! 
  • Aqua G Sports: The 2013 Toyota Prius c in N Charlotte is already praised as being the sportier option of the Toyota Prius family. However, this concept car raises the bar when it comes to sporty style; it has a slightly lowered look and also has checkered flags decals! 
We're excited to learn more about these concept cars and to find out if they'll ever move from being an idea into a car that's available to take home.

Find a sporty Toyota hybrid at Toyota of N Charlotte

If you love the current look and design of the 2013 Toyota Prius c, then you're not alone. With its fantastic fuel economy and unique iconic look, this car has turned heads for quite a few years now! 

If you've never gotten behind the wheel of this ride and want to experience it for yourself, there's no reason to wait. Just stop by and visit us at 13429 Statesville Road to take it out for a spin today! 


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