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After a warm Friday, brace yourself for a cold weekend as temps freefall


After climbing into record territory on Friday, temperatures will plunge 40 degrees over the weekend.

WBTV Meteorologist Al Conklin says to brace yourself.

"With morning lows in record territory, we've already got a jump start for the day, so with lower rain chances and clouds thinning during the day, I'm expecting we'll make that run into the 70s," Conklin says.

Friday's warm up comes ahead of an Arctic cold front that will cut across the area Saturday morning.

Some rain showers will appear as a result, but they will be spotty, Conklin says.   

Temperatures will remain chilly, and only fall as afternoon leads into evening. Temperatures will be in the 60s before Saturday's sunrise, and will be in the upper 40s and low 50s by sunset.

A new batch of rain develops overnight Saturday while temperatures continue to plummet. 

By Sunday morning freezing rain is likely from Interstate 40 northward. 

Enough ice may accumulate in some areas to bring some limbs and power lines down, but this doesn't appear to be a major ice storm at this point, as the window for freezing rain is limited, Conklin says. 

Nevertheless, check back as we get new data into the weekend. 

For everyone else, expect a cold, raw, wet Sunday.

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