Mandela - 10 days of mourning

Hello. It's Christine Nelson. I hope you're having a great Friday. It's December 6. Here is a look at the top stories we'll be talking about on WBTV News This Morning.

Nelson Mandela

The world is mourning the death of the former South African president. Many are reacting to the news, including some people here in Charlotte. WBTV's Astrid Martinez is combing over video and sound as reaction is coming in. She'll have live reports.

Have you seen Khari McClelland? He's the man wanted in connection with shooting a newlywed man. We'll tell you what else authorities believe the suspect is responsible for.

Holiday shopping is in full swing. There are things you may be doing that is making you a target for thieves. We'll tell you what they are.

Can you believe it? We're hovering in the mid 60s right now. Can't believe it's so mild! But it's going to come to a sudden end. Meteorologist Al Conklin is going to tell us how sharply the temperature will drop and when.

See you on the air!