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"Drills of Hope" still making an impact on kids in Charlotte


A community marching band continues to make an impact in west Charlotte by keeping more and more kids busy, active and ultimately, off the streets.

"Drills of Hope" is an organization founded years ago by Anthony and Robin Woods.  Anchor Molly Grantham and Chief Photographer Leighton Grant featured them this past summer, showcasing it as a grass-roots group trying to make a difference.

Since that story aired, membership has gone from 56 members to 93.  More parents and volunteers have come forward.  They're even getting asked to perform in more parades.

"Oh, it's tremendous," says Robin "Mama" Woods. "The response has been tremendous."

Kids involved are ages 5 and up.  Some are out of college but have been a part of "Drills of Hope" for so long, they have returned to mentor the younger children.

It's not only membership that's grown – the group has expanded into more groups as well.  Among other things, a guys and girls step team have been added.

"We have the drum major," says Mama Woods.  "We also have the Pom-Poms – which we call the little stars. We have the Jazettes, the Jazzy-Jazzettes, we have the diamonds, and we have the Passionettes."

Another great addition?  A website.  Mama Woods says a parent volunteer offered to create one after hearing about the band through WBTV's story.  The website is www.DrillsofHope.com

Molly and Leighton went back to visit Thursday night, six months after first featuring them.

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