Manhunt for shooter

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

Tonight at 5:00-- we've been following the medical progress of a young husband who was shot in the head by a burglar. Doctors are saying 26-year old Marco Kauffman will survive his injuries. Meantime, police say they've recovered the car used by the burglars and have identified one of the men they believe responsible for the shooting. Reporter Coleen Harry is talking to authorities about the manhunt.

You wouldn't know it by our weather, but there are single digit temperatures and double digit snowfalls across much of the mid section of the country. Eric Thomas is tracking the storm system that will eventually bring us some chilly air this weekend.

Did you ever think Charlotte might be home to the aviation industry? Boeing, the makers of the new 777X passenger jet, is considering 14 cities as possible manufacturing sites. We're looking at what landing Boeing could mean for our area's economic impact.

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is cleared to play in the A-C-C Championship here in Charlotte this weekend. Authorities say there's not enough evidence to charge the Heisman Hopeful after an exhaustive investigation. Winston had been accused of raping a woman last December. FSU will play Duke this Saturday at Bank of America stadium

And in my weekly Crime Stoppers report tonight, a man robbed outside his home while going to work. The gunman tells him to hand over his wallet or he'll shoot because he has nothing to lose. Hours later, the victim's credit cards were used at a nearby store. Police want you to take a look at the surveillance to help them catch this desperate crook.

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