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Schools cracking down on sexting


Just three days after a Fort Mill High School student was charged for sharing a sex tape in school, York County Officials are launching a campaign to crackdown on sexting.

York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett hosted a press conference at Rock Hill Schools' district office Thursday morning.

School leaders from Fort Mill and Rock Hill were on hand for the anti-sexting press conference.

"It is illegal for minors to share nude photos of themselves," Brackett said. "Once you let go of those images, once you decide to send them, they are not yours anymore and it spreads like a virus."
Brackett also discussed the legal consequences of sexting.

"Charges can be filed. It is similar to creating child pornography. If you are involved, you will end up in family court and possibly a juvenile detention center," Brackett said.

Fort Mill High School Principal, Dee Christopher, told WBTV he has already handled 10 sexting cases this year.  "That is way up from last year," Christopher said.

Christopher said parents have to play a role in preventing their kids from sexting. Fort Mill and Rock Hill Schools also created PSAs that aim to prevent sexting. "Don't send it and don't pass it on," Christopher said. 

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