Pregnant teen shot, killed in West Charlotte apartment

One dead in west charlotte shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police are investigating a shooting at an apartment complex that killed a woman Wednesday morning.

Police identified the woman as Ondrea Stevenson, 19, who friends say was pregnant.

"I seen the girl," Neighbor Tasha Davis said. "When the ambulance came and took the girl out. Tried to save her life but they couldn't save her life."

Officers say someone fired at least one shot into a unit at Little Rock Apartments on Leake Street around 2 a.m. MEDIC says the victim was rushed to the hospital. It is not clear if she was targeted, or if she was an innocent bystander. Friends are remembering Stevenson as a nice person.

"I will always remember Ondrea," An unidentified friend said. "Her gold hair and she was sweet. She stayed to herself. She didn't bother nobody - didn't have no beef. And I send my love for her."

Police remained on the scene hours later, collecting evidence and speaking with witnesses. It is not clear if officers are searching for a shooter.

This shooting is Charlotte's 54th homicide of 2013. Neighbors hope this crime will bring attention to this community.

"A lot of stuff happens over here," Davis said. "And people don't care."

CMPD records show since the beginning of the year more than 200 crimes happened on the 5700 block of Leake Street. This is the same place of the shooting. Crimes like vandalism, robbery, assault and even a homicide.

While neighbors wait for more protection, friends will hold on to conversations that had with Stevenson. One friend said she talked to her the other day.

"She was talking about how she was going to cook her Chicken Alfredo," an unidentified friend said. "And I want some and I was talking about helping her do her baby shower."

19 year old Stevenson was a graduate of Independence High School.

If you have any information that can help police solve this case, please call CRIMESTOPPERS at 704-334-1600.

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