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Not enough technology to go around in CMS

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This year Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district issued 4100 ChromeNotebooks to divide among approximately 30,000 6th, 7th and 8th graders.   These are computers that allow students to have access to digital textbooks.

Students use this type of technology instead of the old fashioned textbooks. Teachers say students are more engaged when they use the ChromeNotebook instead of textbooks. 

"This is like really a tech savvy generation of America," 8th Grade Student Jaylin Johnson said. "And I feel it would help us be ready for the future."

Students have the opportunity to create projects, write reports and look up all sorts of information.

"It's pretty neat," 8th grade Student Djum Kpa said. "That gives you a faster way to do your project and your essay."

It sounds good, but not if you are a student who can't use a ChromeNotebook during class.  The concern is there are not enough to go around. 

At Ashley Park PreK-8 School, there are 60 ChromeNotebooks for 190 students in the 6th-8th grades to use.  Teachers are coming up with creative ways so all students will have access to this technology.

"We want to use them," Social Studies Teacher William Katt said. "But at times it's definitely lacking."

Katt's largest class consists of 31 students but only 27 ChromeNoteBooks are available.  Students are forced to share or use old computers to get their class work done.

"They definitely get to miss out a little bit." Katt said.

CMS could either continue to buy textbooks, that become outdated quickly, or stick with buying computers, despite not having enough. The district says having students use textbooks on computers is the wave of the future and it's popular.

The district says it will take time so all students can have a ChromeNoteBook to call their own. 

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Administrators at Ashley Park PreK-8 say more ChromeNoteBooks are coming. They could come as soon as January and the school is looking to apply for grants to get more computers so all students will have the same opportunity at the same time. 

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