Husband, wife die within hours of each other

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - In the Sunday edition of the Charlotte Observer, Page 7 B, you find a story of a love so true, even death didn't part them for long. Eleanor and Frank Turner would have been married for 65 years on Christmas Eve. The couple's daughter Linda Purser remembers the way her mother would summon her father.

"My mother would always call my dad, 'Frank! Frank!' She had a funny little voice you know. 'Frank I need this or Frank can you come do this for me?'"

Linda Purser got a phone call Friday morning, her 87 year old mother Eleanor passed away at 4:35 a.m. Her husband, Frank was in a nursing home in Marshville. While the family debated over when they should tell him, another call made that decision for them.

"They came in and told us, your dad didn't make it here. He passed away at 1:27," Linda said.

Married for almost 65 years, Frank outlived his beautiful bride by less than 9 hours. Through her grief, Linda finds comfort in that. "It's the most perfect way for a couple to go."

The couple were both in poor health battling dementia. Both were in hospice care but in separate facilities.

A week ago, Frank and his wife ended up in the hospital at the same time. Before they both went on to their separate care facilities, nurses wheeled stretcher to stretcher. No words were spoken. Frank and Eleanor just held hands. It was the last time they saw each other on earth.

"I said I know what happened," Linda said. "she went first and she got to heaven and she hollered for Frank. And he decided to come too. He wasn't going on without her."

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