Parsons' custody hearing to resume mid-week

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Sandy and Casey Parsons, the adoptive parents of missing Rowan County teenager Erica Parsons, were back in court in an attempt to regain custody of their two youngest children.

Casey and Sandy Parsons had day three of a custody hearing for their two youngest biological children.

"You're hearing things that you never knew was going on and we all love Casey and we just never knew things was happening," Angela Laubscher, Casey's aunt said.

"Each day I'm learning things that I didn't know" said Casey's sister, Tammy Gray, who didn't want to specify what new information is coming to light. "I really don't want to say. It would be revealing testimony that's going on."

In previous interviews with WBTV, both Sandy and Casey Parsons stressed that they never harmed their children. They said they wanted their kids back and believe their children want to come home.

The two are trying to convince a judge to return their children.

The hearing is set to resume on Wednesday morning, where five additional witnesses are set to be called to testify. The Parsons will have their weekly supervised visit with the children on Tuesday.

DSS took the kids away in August when investigators began looking into the disappearance of Erica.

In July, the Parsons' son - Jaime - went to Rowan County Sheriff's investigators and told them that Erica hadn't been seen in almost 2 years.

"She was a very sweet little girl" said Laubscher. "I never seen her cause any trouble. She's never was difficult. She was very sweet."

Laubscher said she thinks about the missing teen "everyday because that's hard not knowing where she's at. What happened to her? We'd all love to know that."

Tammy Gray said when she hadn't seen Erica around - she asked her sister, Casey, where the teen was.

She said Casey told her Erica was "with her grandmother in the mountains and I believed it because I think I so badly wanted Erica to have a better life than I knew what she was having."

Casey's relatives say they want to know where Erica is. In the meantime, they're hoping the Judge will leave the biological children with Casey's mother.

"Absolutely. They would be better off with my mom and my sister - and my other sister, Robin. Absolutely" said Tammy Gray.

Casey and Sandy Parsons stayed inside the courthouse and weren't available to answer any questions.

The investigation into the disappearance of Erica Parsons is continuing.  The FBI, Rowan County Sheriff's Office, and the SBI are working together on the case.

Anyone with information on Erica Parsons disappearance is asked to contact investigators at 704-216-8700.

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