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UNCC student gives blankets, coats to less fortunate on Thanksgiving


With temperatures dropping below the freezing Thursday night, one UNCC student took it into his own hands to provide coats, blankets and other accessories to keep those less fortunate warm on cold nights to come.

What was supposed to be a simple blanket giveaway for John Geter turned into something much more.

"I've almost been homeless at one time, so I feel for them," said Geter.

After seeing a post from a relative on Facebook saying how they giveaway a blanket to someone less fortunate, Geter thought he could do it on a grander scale.

But when community members started donating to help the cause, blankets weren't the only things people brought.

"People bought sweaters, hats and gloves. They brought coats and socks... a whole bunch of stuff," Geter.

He collected around 80 items to give away Thursday morning and in an hour's time most of those items were gone.

Folks like Ronnie Cauthen say it's a blessing that Geter cared so much to give those who have so little.

"I think this is real good because the way the weather is right now, it's going to help a lot of people and they need help," said Cauthen.

As for Geter, he says Thursday's giveaway wasn't for the notoriety. He did it out of the kindness of his heart. After all, it is the season of giving.

"I wasn't looking for me to be in the spotlight. I'm doing this for them. This is not for me, it's for them and it's through God," said Geter.

Geter says he plans to hold another giveaway sometime around Christmas.

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