What to expect at the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For months it did not look like this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade in uptown Charlotte would happen. Now, with a new sponsor in Novant Health, the show will go on Thursday morning.

It won't be the Carrousel Parade people remember but organizers say what you will see is something new and very entertaining.

Joining the 15 bands and 15 floats and 8 huge balloons will be something they're calling a Segwaloon.  There will be two of them, a snowman and an elf.  The idea is a cross between a Segway and a balloon.  It is the brain-child of parade Executive Producer Robert Krumbine, with Center City Partners, who said he wanted our parade to have as many unique elements as possible.

"People who have come to this parade in the past are going to see we've kept the tradition but there's so much they are not going to be expecting.  We're bringing it into a new century," Krumbine said.

There will also be four bigger-than-life snow globes.  They are 15 feet wide and 13 feet tall, each with a full sized inflatable globe.  They are pulled by a group of bicyclists and inside the globes will be people.

Mike Walker is the head designer and project manager for the floats and other elements you'll see in the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade.  He said they've had to work hard and fast to get everything up and running.  He wants to be sure the spectators know that this parade is different.

"What we're doing is 180 degrees different than what Carrousel was doing in the past.  The floats are different, they're more decorated, they're bigger.  They're not your typical float you'd see in Charlotte," Walker said.

The parade begins at 9:30am and runs the same route it did last year down the main artery of Uptown.  If you miss the parade in person you can watch it on WBTV at 1pm on Thanksgiving day.

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