Travel forecast: Still wet as system moves away from Carolinas

Good morning! It's November 27. This is Christine Nelson writing you on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday. A lot to cover to help get you out the door. Tune in to WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-7:00 a.m.

Traveling today? You're not alone! Today is supposed to be one of the busiest travel days leading into the Thanksgiving weekend. We're still dealing with wet weather as I write this email. Watch for watch is happening in your neighborhood with our First Alert Weather forecasts every 7 minutes. We're also live at Charlotte Douglas International Airport this morning. There were thousands of flights affected by the storm system yesterday and that always trickles down to the affect travel here in Charlotte. WBTV's team coverage with Ron Lee, Steve Ohnesorge and Astrid Martinez will help you get out the door prepared!

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