PSI: Where did my family pictures go?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Erica Bohnsack says it was the modern day scrap book. Photos, captions, stories all on a personalized website.

"He loves to stand up, of course with a little help," read one of her blog posts about her oldest son, Luke.

"(The website was) very, very useful and very user friendly," said Bohnsack.

They were milestones of a young lives in Rutherfordton, shared on-line for family and friends scattered around the country, but then about 3 months ago, the unthinkable happened. The pictures, the posts, the moments were all gone.

"My husband and I both, I think we just stood there for a moment," said Bohnsack. "(The pictures were) gone and we were both devastated."

The website where everything was kept had simply vanished. It was off-line and unavailable.

"Ten years of our lives are on that website," said Carrie Wells.

Wells lives in Missouri. One of her 3 sons was born with serious heart problems.

"He's had 2 open heart surgeries so far," said Wells.

Her website doubled as a virtual support group.

"There was a group of us that got to be very close," said Wells.

The moms created their pages through a website called Babyhomepages-dot-net. It was easy to do and a good deal, they paid less than $40 a year. The site was the brainchild of Eric Johnson who Wells has been unable to reach.

"No, I've called the two numbers that we had," said Wells. "Left messages with them both."

Johnson's company is called Eleven, Inc. It's website says it's located at 1727 Sardis Road North, Suite 157 in southeast Charlotte. It's a very small suite, it's actually a mailbox at a shipping business. The woman inside told WBTV she hasn't seen Johnson in quite some time.

State records show Eleven, Inc is run out a home in Matthews. We knocked, but found no one at the house. We left business cards and then made phone calls. We never got past a voicemail.

It turns out, the mothers and WBTV are not the only ones looking to talk to Johnson.

"We plan to take action as soon as we find him," said North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Cooper says his office has heard from more than four dozen families.

"This owner has a duty to these people to make sure he get this information back to them," said Cooper.

Tom Bartholomy of the Better Business Bureau has heard from families as well. He says no matter what you do on-line find a way to back it up.

"Think of it as what would happen if there were a fire in your home." said Bartholomy. "You would want duplicate copies."

Based on all the complaints and no responses to them, the BBB now gives Baby Homepages an "F" rating.

"I spent some time reading through some of the complaints," said Bartholomy. "I mean it just makes you tear up."

They are stories of adoptions and grandparents who have passed away. There's the mom in Nebraska whose little girl died before her first birthday. None of them want any money from Johnson, or his company. They want the things far more valuable.

"My memories," said Wells.

"They're irreplaceable," said Bohnsack.

It's been said over and over, something on the internet is forever. It stands to reason the pictures are out there, somewhere. Go Daddy is the company that hosted the Baby Homepages website. WBTV contacted Go Daddy to see if it could help. A spokesperson told us they would look into it. It's been more than a week and now Go Daddy won't return our calls.

We simply wanted to know, can you help these families? If not, why not?

The same questions also hold for Eric Johnson. He has our phone numbers.

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