See, Click, Fix: Obstruction causing problems in two different areas

See, Click, Fix: Two problems fixed

The first problem is at Idlewild Road in Matthews.

A person who identified themselves as "Concerned Citizen" writes,"Sign is located under the leaves of city-planted tree plus section of obliterated by vandal."

Matthews Public Works since responded and said it will cut back the tree...and as you see in this video the sign that was spray-painted by vandals has since been replaced.

This problem has been solved and the case officially closed.

A viewer named Steve submitted the next problem, which is at the McAlpine Greenway in Charlotte.

He writes on our See, Click, Fix page online: "Debris in creek has blocked water flow." He supports this claim by attaching pictures with his post.

You see a lot of debris piling up in the creek. A huge branch can also be seen on its side in another photo.

We're happy to report that creek is now clear. Steve also posted a photo of how much better it looks.

With this problem solved, this case is now closed.

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