Tracking ice & rain storm

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom. Are you ready for the first winter storm of the season? Just in time for Thanksgiving travel, a large slug of heavy rain moves in all day tomorrow. Eric Thomas says some of it could start out as freezing rain in the morning, so be careful on the roads. Crews have already been out brining and we're looking at the typical trouble spots to avoid when rain freezes on surfaces.

Cheering tonight as Charlotte city council votes to overhaul the Citizen's Review board of CMPD which had been in place since 1997. But during that 16-year span, the board always sided with police. Now, CMPD will have to furnish the review panel its evidence and internal investigation files of any officer under scrutiny.

Have you ever bought a piece of sports memorabilia and wondered if it the real thing? We bought several autographed pictures and took them to a nationally-recognized expert in spotting fakes. Wait until you hear what he told us about the one with Michael Jordan's name scrawled on it.

Five years ago, Molly Grantham first introduced us to Cassidy Hooper, a young woman born without a nose or eyes. Recently, Cassidy had her final surgery to build her a new nose and today, she was living her dream-- doing a 30-minute radio show broadcast to all the kids at Levine Children's Hospital. How'd she do? Join us at 11:00 to find out.