Justice for All Coalition says feds should investigate DSS

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A group called the Justice for All Coalition organized several people, who have had contact with the Department of Social Services to speak at the Fairview Fire Station.

Most were from Union County where Wanda Sue Larson worked for 10 years in child protective services.

"So the public's money, taxpayer money is what's financing this abuse," said Kathy Stratton, one of the speakers Monday afternoon.

Those who spoke have direct contact with the DSS system but they said everyone paid for it and should also be angry. A former DSS worker, Susan Stafford, said she worked briefly with Larson.

She couldn't believe the response times and stories she was hearing about how Larson treated cases.

"The state needs to respond to fix our system," said Susan Stafford.

Other families spoke about how a case they brought was never completed or cases were closed without an investigation.

Jeff Gerber is the founder of the Justice for All Coalition. He held up a letter signed by Wanda Sue Larson, he said he received. "We found no evidence case closed," said Gerber.

Another activist, Jeremy Bess said there are many cases.

"I have personally reviewed 18 different case in the past week everyone has the same players involved. The DSS involvement is there and over 90 percent of them involve people that are supervised by Wanda Sue Larson," said Bess.

Gerber said he was glad Wanda Sue Larson was fired after a Sheriff's Deputy discovered an 11-year-old boy handcuffed to the porch with a dead-chicken around his neck. This coalition said they have worked on other child abuse laws in the past. And they want to lobby for a new law that will increase training and education requirements for DSS case workers in North Carolina. They also want third party oversight of DSS outside of the county and outside of the state to investigate.

"We're asking that the federal authorities come in review her files especially the files that have been closed," said Gerber.

A Union County commissioner has said they already requested the state to inspect all of Larson's cases.

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