Why do celebrities love the Toyota Prius near Charlotte?

Why do celebrities love the Toyota Prius near Charlotte?
N Charlotte Toyota Prius
N Charlotte Toyota Prius
New Toyota hybrids for sale
New Toyota hybrids for sale
Here at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we know we've got something special on our hands when it comes to the 2013 Toyota Prius. It's a new Toyota hybrid that's super efficient on fuel, as well as provides a performance that's extremely eco-friendly. However, we're not the only ones who hold it in high esteem – did you know it's actually a pretty popular choice among celebrities? This amazing hybrid car has made its way to Hollywood – look out, world! 

N Charlotte Toyota Prius is the star of the show

The Toyota Prius near Charlotte has had its fair share of roles in big-time Hollywood movies and TV shows, too! Check out some of this new Toyota hybrid's starring roles so far: 

South Park
Secret Life of the American Teenager
Just Friends 
War of the Worlds 
Failure to Launch 
Desperate Housewives
Modern Family
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Sons of Anarchy
The Office 

What makes celebrities choose the new Toyota Prius? 

And many, many more! Lots of celebrities choose this new Toyota hybrid as their go-to vehicle as well; the N Charlotte Toyota Prius is a popular choice for many reasons. We're speculating as to why Hollywood bigwigs might make it their ride of choice! 

Fuel efficiency and eco-friendly performance: We're thinking that stars like Leonardo DiCaprio choose the new Toyota Prius because of its go green performance! This new Toyota hybrid cuts down on harmful emissions and also utilizes less resources, making it an environmentally sensitive choice. Leo is big on environmental awareness, so it's a great option for him! 

Family-friendliness: The
Toyota Prius near Charlotte has also got a ton of family-friendly qualities woven into its design! It has a spacious and comfortable interior that seats five, as well as a liftback design that creates more cargo space and makes loading and unloading easier. It's also crammed with the best safety technology around! Maybe that's why moms like Jessica Alba, Gwneth Paltrow, and Sarah Jessica Parker choose this iconic Toyota hybrid to get their kids around town! 

Connectivity: This exceptional hybrid car is also big on technology, making it a must-have for celebs on the go. It's decked out with Entune, which is a series of multimedia apps (like OpenTable and MovieTickets.com, as well as apps designed for weather, traffic and more). It's easy for drivers to stay connected, and they can also easily navigate crowded Hollywood streets with the Premium HDD Navigation with voice commands available to them! This might be why trendy celebs like Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Kirsten Dunst, and Bradley Cooper get behind the wheel. 

No matter which way you look at it, this iconic new Toyota hybrid offers a win-win situation to ALL drivers. It provides a well-rounded driving experience – why not come see for your self? 

Take this N Charlotte Toyota out for a spin today to see why it has such star appeal! Our NC Toyota dealership is located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23. Come by and see us – and the best-selling hybrid in the world – today! 

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