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Couple saves neighbors from Waverly tornado

The remains of the home after a tornado blew through Waverly. The remains of the home after a tornado blew through Waverly.

A Union County couple is telling their story after residents say they saved two people as a tornado ripped through a farm in Waverly, Kentucky last weekend. 

Walter and Hershelia Collins don't know what to call it but the words are not important, their actions are. It was their actions that saved the lives of those two people last Sunday.

"She said, 'Oh my God, it's headed this way,'" Terry Jewell said. 

Collins used to own a trailer on their farm, a trailer they were renting to Jewell and his mother, Alice.

"I'm very picky, so they were very nice people to move in," Hershelia said.

Terry and his mom had been living there for exactly one week when the tornado hit.

"All of a sudden it was just something that told me, "You need to go get them out of that trailer,' and I told my husband, 'Lets go and we got to go, we got to go now,'" Hershelia said.

"We both ran over here together, came to the trailer, went into the house to get them and tried to get them loaded up as quick as we could," Walter said.

The Collins' drove everyone to the farm house just up the road, and within minutes, it was there.

"I looked out front and there it was," Hershelia said.

"You could hear it all around you and you could hear things hitting. I don't think we thought about anything but just praying," Walter said.

Hersheila says she huddled over Alice while her husband huddled over her. 

"We just tried to keep each other safe. I wanted her safe and I wanted her son safe because I felt responsible with them being in a trailer that I thought was so safe," Hershelia said.

A trailer that's now just a concrete pad littered with remains and the memory of what could have been.

"They would have been killed and if we had waited two more minutes, we all would have been dead," Hershelia said.

It's a that they all say they will never forget.  

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