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Browns Friday: Chud meets the media

Opening statement:

"Pleased with our guys' response this week. Practices and preparations have been very focused, an outstanding week of preparation for us. Our players can't wait to play this game. I can't wait for this game, as well, on Sunday. It'll be great to be back home in front of our fans, and we'll need that Dawg Pound to be barking on Sunday.


"As far as a couple of things on the injury report: (TE MarQueis) Gray will be out for this game; (LB Craig) Robertson is improving, he's doubtful for this game; and (WR) Armanti Bryant has back spasms, and he's questionable for this game."


On reminding players to control emotions in this rivalry game, specifically referencing last year's contest:

"It's something we talk about a lot, the intensity of the game and being able to control your emotions, as well, at the same time. It's a fine line that you want to play on that edge, and we want our guys to play on that edge. Obviously, this game, an AFC North game and the type of rivalry that we have with them, it'll be important that we keep our composure in that way."


On the team being more successful in home games than on the road:

"We have a young football team. I think that that team feeds off of our fans and the energy that our fans give them and bring. I think the fans have been great in providing that and given us a real home-field advantage."


On depth at linebacker and some players having limited game experience:

"Yeah, we have some guys that are inexperienced and haven't played a lot, but that's the case in a lot of different places. I'd expect those guys to do well if they have an opportunity to. They've performed well on special teams, and they've gotten some reps this week. If they have to play and have that opportunity to play, I'll expect them to do fine."


On if there are any game plans for inclement weather:

"We go into every game with those type of contingencies. You never know how things are going to play out. We're prepared for whatever the weather brings. Again, it's an AFC North game so I expect it to be cold. And who knows? Snow? Those type of things, and whatever it takes we'll do."


On Pittsburgh running a no-huddle offense at times:

"They had done some. Obviously, (Pittsburgh QB) Ben (Roethlisberger) has done it a lot over the course of his career so it's something you have to be prepared for. We'd expect that they would do that a lot, and we're prepared for anything else and other personnel groups they're going to do, as well."


On if RB Willis McGahee has received fewer caries due to RB Chris Ogbonnaya getting healthier:

"(It's) a combination of the way the game played out and the personnel groups that we were in, trying to play catch up, as well as Oby (Ogbonnaya) being healthy and us splitting the reps and the carries between them."


On why McGahee practiced on Thursday, a day he typically rests by design:

"Our plan that we've had for Willis has worked very well. He's been able to maintain and be healthy through the course of the season. He felt real good on Thursday and wanted to practice. It was good to get him out there and get him some extra work."


On if they are working our punters due to P Spencer Lanning being injured:

"Spencer, his knee was a little bit swollen up on Tuesday. Since then it's resolved itself. He's practiced full all week long so really it's no issue. At that particular time, we just made sure. We wanted to have some guys come in for a workout. Plans were already made and already arranged. They were here so we just decided to work them out anyhow."


On if Lanning is getting his kicks off fast enough:

"His times were fine."


On if he feels he was able to fix problems on special teams:

"I do. It's been a big area of focus for us."


On if there were any personnel changes on punt protect:

"We have a number of guys and the issue that you have over the course of the game, a lot of times, is some of the guys who are on defense or on offense are tired and they need a rest or you have injuries and things like that come up as well. We've rotated and rolled a lot of guys through so we're really zeroing in on the guys that we want out there for that particular team."


On if LB Eric Martin is still in the tackle position of special teams:

"I'll wait to say who's on the team and who's going to be on it."


On trying to get TE Jordan Cameron back into the offense:

"He's definitely gotten a lot more attention from defenses. That's what happens when you have success and you're playing and doing the things that he was able to do early in the season. You're going to get more attention, and fortunately that's giving other guys opportunities. It goes in cycles."


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