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Exclusive: Parents want answers in Charlotte daycare death

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Logan Bryant Logan Bryant

A Charlotte couple is fighting for answers about what happened to their four-month-old son behind the doors of a local daycare.

The Bryant family says four-month-old Logan died in June while in the care of several daycare employees with Chesterbrook Academy off Mallard Creek. WBTV has learned there is surveillance video from inside the daycare, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) will not release that video publicly.

T.J. and Pom Bryant say they have asked several times for the video, but the police detective assigned to the case has not returned their phone calls. They still don't have the video they believe will tell them what really happened to Logan.

"Even today it's hard to believe that he's gone," said T.J. Bryant.

Bryant says he's living with the pain no parent ever wants to experience. Officially, CMPD says the case is closed, but the Bryants still have serious questions.

Bryant says on June 10, his wife, Pom, took Logan to the daycare. Bryant says Logan had gone a few times before. 

"She [Pom] said he was fine, and happy, smiling," he said.

A few hours later, the Bryants found themselves in the emergency room.

"They took me to the consultation room. I knew right then when they took me to that room that if it's not bad they wouldn't take me to that room," Pom Bryant said.

"He just looked at me and said, I'm sorry, Logan has died," she said.

Her little boy died four days before he would have turned five months old.

"He had passed before the paramedics even arrived," T.J. Bryant said.

For both parents, there are so many questions and so much confusion. They spent hours with Logan the day before he died.

"He was fine, he was happy. He always smiled and laughed at his brother," T.J. Bryant said.

Since Logan's death, the couple says they've hit a roadblock with investigators.

"The detectives aren't returning any of our calls. The state isn't returning our calls. We can't get any information about it," T.J. Bryant said.

WBTV reached out to the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services (DSS), but officials wouldn't comment on the specifics of this case. WBTV obtained a Mecklenburg County disciplinary report. It says a Chesterbrook Academy employee will be placed on the state r/l list, meaning the county held her responsible for abuse or serious neglect in this specific case.

DSS won't disclose any other details, and a Chesterbrook Academy spokesperson won't even tell us if the caretaker is still employed.

WBTV also obtained Logan's autopsy report that states he "laid down for a nap in a crib where he was found unresponsive in a prone position" meaning Logan was discovered on his stomach.

WBTV checked North Carolina law and it says "...a caregiver in a child care facility shall place a child age 12 months or younger on the child's back for sleeping..."

Emergency room notes, part of the investigative file, given to WBTV by the Bryants, reveal the EMS supervisor was told that Logan "had been found face down in his crib with a washcloth or a towel over his head."

Logan's parents say the daycare told them that nothing would be in Logan's crib, and they insist at four months old, he couldn't turn over on his stomach alone.

"If it were their child they would want the same information we want. I don't understand why we have to go through all this just to get information about what happened to our son," T.J. Bryant said.

WBTV checked with a number of pediatricians. All of them agree, infants younger than a year should never be placed on their stomachs to sleep. According to the medical examiners report, Logan's official cause of death is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  His parents believe the autopsy report noting Logan's prone position and emergency room notes tell a different story.

No one has been charged in this case. A spokeswoman for Chesterbrook Academy's corporate office told WBTV that the company takes privacy seriously and would not comment on this specific case.

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