Sex offenders get booted

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

We've learned that convicted sex offenders have been using the Uptown Men's Shelter as their registered address. But Mecklenburg Sheriff Chipp Bailey is putting an end to it. Bailey says some of the county's 900 registered sex offenders have tried to stay legal by using the address of local shelters. He says those men will be turned away from the shelter.

The signup for Obamacare insurance next year will start after the mid-term elections. It's just what some of the vulnerable Democrats up for re-election wanted to hear. But there are some Republicans who say the move smacks of partisan politics.

They are making slow, steady progress fighting the wildfire in Linville Gorge. It's now more than half contained, but it has burned more than 2,500 acres. Officials are now looking for a young man in a white pickup truck as a person they'd like to talk to.

Christmas is just five weeks away. Did I get your attention? And as quickly as this year is slipping by, tonight is the annual tree lighting at Symphony Park next to South Park Mall. Sky 3 will be live overhead when they flip the switch.

Wait until you see video of a car crash over 200 mph. This vehicle, attempting a speed record, loses control and rolls, and rolls and rolls. It makes you wonder how anyone could survive, but the driver did.

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