Grandson charged with murder

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom on a cloudy Thursday.

Tonight at 5:00-- police believe the grandson did it. Jeff Skeens is charged with murdering his 87-year old grandfather and nearly killing his mother earlier this month. Skeens actually called 911 to report the assault. We interviewed him at his grandfather's house where he told us, "if only I had gotten here sooner."

Who would witness a crime, call 911, then follow a bad guy making his get-a-way? In my weekly Crime Stoppers, I found a woman who bravely trailed the bandit-- until he decided to use his gun. See if you can identify him.

Good news for evangelist Billy Graham. He was released from the hospital after a two-day stay for respiratory problems. Doctor Graham, who just turned 95 years old, plans to spend the holidays at his home in Montreat.

What will it take to turn Eastland Mall into a movie studio, a hotel and other retail stores? A developer is asking $38 Million in public money. We'll tell you what the city's economic development committee thinks of the plan.

What's 4.5 Billion years old and was just found in the desert of North Africa? Some scientists believe it's a meteor that came from Mars. One researcher says it's a good place to start looking for evidence of past life on the red planet. If only Carl Sagan were still alive.

Please join Maureen O'Boyle, Eric Thomas and me for WBTV News at 5:00 in just a few minutes from now!