Protecting bus riders

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

Should busses have shoulder and seat belts? The NTSB is ordering three-point restraints in all new motor coaches by November of 2016. Some believe shoulder and lap belts would have save some of the eight people who died in a terrible church bus accident in Tennessee recently.

But out of the tragedy comes a poignant moment-- when Benny met Libby. This couple, married for more than half a century, just spent six weeks apart after both spent time recovering from the bus wreck in separate hospitals. It's a touching. You won't want to miss it.

Two of North Carolina icons made headlines today-- Billy Graham is back in the hospital for respiratory problems. It's the same malady he spent hospital time for three weeks ago. And, the former UNC basketball coaching legend, Dean Smith, was given the Presidential Medal of Honor. Coach Smith is too ill to travel, so his family accepted the prestigious award from President Obama.

A Costco in Simi Valley, California had a rack of Holy Bibles labeled, "fiction." Customers complained, now the store vows to re-categorize.

Smart homes-- know what they are? What used to be territory of the rich is now priced for average Joe's. Kristen Miranda is looking at the cost of high-tech automation, from closing your blinds, turning on or off lights, to setting your thermostat.

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