Birth mother of Erica Parsons speaks out, two years after teen disappeared

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Two years after the disappearance of her daughter, and more than three months after the disappearance was first reported, Erica Parsons birth mother says she wishes she could have seen what was happening to her daughter and taken steps to change it.

"It's been kind of a somber day," Carolyn Parsons told WBTV.  "I've done my fair share of crying today. I wish I would have known then what I know now, and I could have changed it."

Carolyn Parsons gave her daughter Erica to Casey and Sandy Parsons when Erica was very small. Carolyn has said often that she did that to help Erica to have a better life than the one she could give her.

"Today is not a good day for anybody that has any part in this," Parsons said.

On July 30 of this year, Erica's adoptive brother Jamie went to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office to report Erica missing.  He said that she had gone missing on or around November 19, 2011.  He also told investigators that Erica had been subjected to mental and physical abuse at the hands of Casey and Sandy.  Just last week Jamie Parsons told WBTV that he reported Erica missing because he was worried about her.

Sandy and Casey Parsons have maintained that they delivered Erica to a fast food restaurant in Mooresville where she was picked up by Erica's biological grandmother Irene "Nan" Goodman.  They claim Erica later called and said that she did not to return to Salisbury.  In recent weeks Casey Parsons admitted that she may have been duped by the woman she said was posing as "Nan."

In the time since Erica was reported missing there has been national media attention.  The FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children became involved.  Casey and Sandy Parsons went on national television on the Dr. Phil Show where Sandy failed a lie detector test when asked if knew what happened to Erica.

There have been several searches conducted by law enforcement, both at the Miller Chapel Road home where lived with Casey and Sandy and their other children, as well as property owned by Sandy's father, William Parsons.  A home in Rockwell where the family lived prior to moving to Miller Chapel Road was also searched.

"Quit lying' to everybody and come forward with what you've done to my child. Or find my child and bring her to me," Carolyn Parsons told WBTV.  "I wish I knew more. I wish I knew where she was. I wish I knew how to go get her, and hold her, and hug her, and kiss her and give her all the love that she never had."

Carolyn Parsons believes that Casey and Sandy are lying about Erica's disappearance.  Investigators have made no secret of the fact that they also believe the couple has been untruthful.  But even with all of the attention the case has gotten, there has not been one credible sighting of Erica Parsons in two years.

"If you are still out there – whether it be me, or whether it be somebody else – even if you're happy where you are, just please let somebody know that you're alive and that you're okay," Parsons said on Tuesday.  And she also had strong words for the couple who had been given the responsibility of raising the daughter she says she couldn't raise.

"You know what you did to my daughter, whether it be good or whether it be bad. You need to open your mouth and you need to come forward. And you need to tell somebody."

Sandy and Casey Parsons were back in the Rowan County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon for a weekly supervised visit with their two youngest children.  Those children were taken from the home when the investigation began into Erica's disappearance.

Last week there was a two day hearing to determine custody for the children, but the hearing took longer than expected and will continue on December 2.  The children are staying with other family members.

Anyone with any information on the disappearance of Erica Parsons is asked to contact the Rowan County Sheriff's Office at 704-216-8700.  There is a combined reward of $15,000 available for information.

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