Mother's misery for missing daughter

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron, WBTV News, still feeling satisfied after the Panthers nip-and-tuck victory over New England.

Tonight at 11:00-- we're marking two years since Rowan County teenager Erica Parsons was last seen alive. We're talking exclusively to Erica's birth mother about the mystery. She says she's done her fair share of crying today. Erica was sent to her grandmother's house for a visit, but after police were notified of her disappearance this summer, we're learned that grandmother had been dead for five years.

What's it feel like when the light rail train you're riding in clips a car trying to skirt the stop arm? Brigida Mack found a woman who relays the fear she felt at last night's accident. She'll also have surprisingly low numbers for car and light rail collisions in the history of the Blue Line.

A married couple for 56 years will be reunited tomorrow after six long weeks of hospital recuperation. Benny and Libby Elledge were two who survived the Front Street Baptist Church bus crash in Tennessee. Eight of their friends were killed. Tonight, we'll show you pictures of how banged up they were before being separated at different hospitals.

I can see why the New England Patriots and their fans are upset, but the game-ending call in last night's thrilling game against the Panthers was an irreversible judgment. The ball was un-catchable. The big problem was the referee not making a better explanation which left doubt in many minds. It's too bad for the Pats who've had Lady Luck sitting on their shoulders for a long time. Last night, they got Lady Luck's daughter-- Miss Fortune.

Delano Little will weigh-in on the statement game for Carolina, and Eric Thomas says much cooler by the weekend. Please join Molly Grantham and me for WBTV News at 11:00!