Carolina Panthers "blue flu"

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom.

They knew. The White House and President Obama were both warned six months before the disastrous rollout of the website was flawed and not ready for release. While Congress demands answers from government technology experts, the concern now is focused on the security of the site. The chance of getting the website up and running perfectly in the next two weeks is looking very doubtful.

A car tried to beat a Lynx light rain train and got clipped. We've got video from the train's point-of-view which shows the collision.

Weather-wise, we're more than 20-degrees cooler than we were this time Monday. Eric Thomas says we'll see much colder temperatures before the week is out.

We're seeing a lot of bleary eyes and "blue flu" today after the late finish to the Panthers-Patriots game. We'll check with Delano Little to see, "What's Up D?", as he shows us how Carolina held on for an important victory.

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