Charlotte sex slave rescued

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron, holding an antenna to see some of tonight's game. Why not switch over at 11:00PM to see these stories--

A 15-year old girl, held as a sex slave, rescued tonight from a hotel on Independence. Tonight, David Spunt is talking to a man who has rescued dozens of girls in similar situations.

Also, a Lynx light rail train hit a car near South Boulevard and Clanton tonight. We're checking on the driver's condition.

We've learned the biological family of a boy found chained to a porch at a DSS official's home, says they've been trying to expose the abuse for years. Four adopted children and the one foster boy were removed from Wanda Sue Larson's home. Larson is a supervisor with Union County DSS. Dorian Harper was also arrested. Harper works as a nurse at CMC Union.

After today's record tying 78-degrees, Eric Thomas says we're set for a temperature nose dive.

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