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Balancing life in the NFL

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Life in the NFL comes with highs and lows like any job, but when the pressure mounts in professional sports the fingers often point to one person, the head coach.

So when those long days come to a close, family helps keep things balanced. Date night is encouraged by Panthers head coach Ron Rivera, and his wife Stephanie. The couple has a routine, date night is always 2 nights before game day.

Stephanie Rivera says, "it's a long season and you have to reconnect, the guys work hard all week".

During the Panthers difficult stretch of games in 2012, the Rivera's tried to lighten the mood my watching comedies. The teams current 5-game win streak makes things a lot easier, "it's less stressful for our family, our kids are happier, they aren't worried about anything".

You've heard the saying many times, behind every strong man, is a strong woman. Coach Rivera says his wife truly cares about the Panthers success.

"One thing I try not to do is bring work home, but she knows, so she'll work with me. We'll talk about things, get things out in the open, she'll make suggestions, she's really done a great job in terms of trying to balance things for me in terms of family."

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