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Panthers have fans believing again and vendors seeing 'green'


After a nail-biter of a game against the New England Patriots Monday night, the Panthers extend their winning streak to six in a row.

The red-hot Cardiac Cats have fans excited about football in Charlotte once again.

Long-time fan, David Wiggins, Jr. could barely contain his excitement. "The energy is crazy," he said. "And to be back on Monday Night Football? It's an awesome feeling."

But what's good for fans -- is also good for vendors. Just ask Scott Blackburn, who's set up outside Panthers home games for years.

"It's like night and day," he said, referring to business. "I said, I'm up 45 to 50 percent easy. The fans are excited and they're spending more money.""

WBTV talked to former Panther Frank Garcia ahead of Monday's game. He was at the WFNZ dog house hosting his daily radio show, with came complete with ticket scalpers and tailgaters near the corner of Mint and Morehead.

Garcia recalls that the countdown can cause some players to feel a little wound up before game time.

"The butterflies are probably bats at this point of the pressure they have and the excitement. It's more than anticipation," he said." Its anticipation going out there competing with your peers or against your peers and watching your guys going out and leaving it on the line."

During the afternoon, tailgaters were setting up their grills and fans in need of tickets were hoping that the early bird could find a deal.

Keep in mind, it is a school night, which means there could be some no shows on the job the tomorrow.

Austin Carter is a Panther Fan who plans to go to work on Tuesday.

"We're gonna win the game and everybody is gonna be super excited," he said.

Andrew Pearl is a Panther fan who plans to do the opposite.

"I'm not going to, but don't tell my boss that," he said. "I'm not going to work absolutely not."

Late word for those in search of tickets some say the price could be four to six hundred dollars, and CMPD will have officers on the street to make sure that tickets and transactions are legit.

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