Scalpers and tailgaters

Happy Monday, everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

Quite the bizarre story out of Union County-- a supervisor for DSS, in charge of the welfare of children, accused of chaining a child to a porch and hanging a dead chicken around the child's neck. Wanda Sue Larson and Dorian Harper made their first appearance in court this morning. Larson is a supervisor for Union County DSS. Harper is a nurse at C-M-C Union. Our reporter, Sharon Smith, is just back from Monroe with new details for 5:00PM.

Did you see the tornado damage from the Midwest? We were certainly spared the violent part of that line of storms that raced through the Carolinas overnight. And today, we were left with spectacularly warm weather-- hitting a record of 78-degrees.

Wonder how that temperature will factor into tonight's big Patriots-Panthers Monday Night game? It's been a long time since tailgaters and ticket scalpers lined up six-to-ten hours before kick-off, but it's happened in uptown tonight. Donning my old sportscaster hat-- this is a real statement game for the Panthers and the team knows it. Carolina is on a hot streak while New England has had a choppy season. We all know Tom Brady can deliver the ball, but will the Panthers' defense give him time to connect?

American cyclist Lance Armstrong says he got help covering his doping tracks. Armstrong claims the former president of the International Cycling Union knew about his positive test and said quote "we've got to come up with something" to explain the result.

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