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Officials: Man was drunk while playing with Asian Cobra


New details are emerging about a Charlotte area man who was bitten by his pet Cobra early Sunday morning.

Around 2:30 Sunday morning, the folks at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo say they got a call they don't get quite often.

"It was a poison center in North Carolina that called and said they had a person who was bitten by an Asian Cobra and they we're looking for anti-venom," said Kentucky Reptile Zoo Curator Kristen Wylie.

Wylie says she was told a Charlotte area man was playing with his pet Asian Cobra when the serpent struck.

"The only thing I know is that he was quite intoxicated, which is pretty much every person who gets bitten in the middle of the night playing with their pet venomous snake," she continued.

Wylie says 10 vials of anti-venom were flown from Lexington, Kentucky to Charlotte.

Snake expert Chad Griffin owns CCSB Reptile Rehab Facility in Winston-Salem.

He says while venomous snakes cannot be kept as pets in Mecklenburg County, it's not that way throughout the state.

"The state of North Carolina allows people to own venomous snakes, one, as long as their county says they can own one and number two they must have it housed properly," said Griffin.

"The state says you must have them housed in a bite-proof, escape-proof enclosure with a locking mechanism that is sufficient in closure," he continued.

WBTV called the authorities in surrounding counties of Mecklenburg to find out the identity of the cobra owner and none of them have a report on file of an attack from the weekend.

Carolinas Poison Center officials confirmed they helped arrange the anti-venom to arrive in Charlotte, but CMC officials won't confirm if the hospital received the anti-venom. They say it would violate HIPPA laws.

The question that now remains is who is this mystery man, who escaped a date with death?

Officials at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo tell WBTV the man is doing fine and recovering.

They believe the man didn't receive a large amount of venom from the bite and some of the vials are being returned.

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