Is it the same guy?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CMPD believes it may have a serial robber on its hands.

Twice in the past three weeks, it appears the same man has pulled stick-ups at a convenience store and at a pharmacy.

At the Coulwood Rite-Aid on Bellhaven, a man in a hood rushes through the door at closing time. He's got a long barrel handgun. He's wearing a white glove on his left hand. He acts aggressively to the clerk, demanding money.

Three weeks ago, at the Circle-K on Little Rock Road, a similar scene. He rushes through the door, he's got a long barrel handgun and he's wearing a white glove on his left hand.

The one difference is, he jumps the counter at the convenience store and seems to know exactly where the cash is hidden.

"We look at the guy, his mannerisms and body size, what he has on."

And detective Marty Cuthbertson says it was something he was wearing on both occasions that really stood out.

"When you look at the two pictures side by side, it's mainly the shoes. He had the same black and white shoes on he had on the first time. And size wise, he's about 6-2 in height and 175 pounds."

Interestingly, when it came to dealing with a female customer at the counter of the Rite-Aid, this crook treated her with a bit of courtesy, saying, "m'am, don't move," and, "stay still, m'am."

And because the two businesses are within a couple miles of each other, Detective Cuthbertson believes there may be a link.

"The possibility he does live in and around this general area, know how to get around, to get in and get out pretty quick."

Perhaps he's polite but he's still a dangerous threat and police want him caught. Can you help? Call Crime Stoppers in Charlotte at (704) 334-1600. There is up to $1,000 reward money available.

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