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Obama tells insured Americans they can keep their plans - for now

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"I think it's fair to say that the rollout has been rough so far," President Barack Obama said Thursday, as he began an address to the nation about the status of the Affordable Care Act.

His remarks included both an admission and a retreat - the president admitted he had made a faulty promise. Americans like Doug Meyer-Cuno, a business owner in Rock Hill, have been calling him out on it for weeks. 

"President Obama stood up multiple, multiple times and said there's no increase to employees that currently have insurance," Meyer-Cuno said during an interview with WBTV in October. "He said there won't be increases to companies that already give insurance." 

But the truth is, companies and individuals alike have been getting notices from their insurance companies like this one - saying they can't keep their current policies because they do not meet the government's new demands.  Millions were told they would have to get more expansive, more expensive plans.

"I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans," Obama said Thursday. "Particularly after assurances they heard from me that if they had a plan that they liked that they could keep it. And to those Americans I hear you loud and clear. I said that I would do everything we can to fix that problem and today I'm offering an idea that will help do it." 

That idea is to put off the part of the law that requires expanded coverage for current policy holders for one year.

That means even if you received a cancellation notice, you now get to keep your plan through 2014.

 "Americans whose plans had been canceled can choose to re-enroll in the same kind of plan," Obama said.

Until 2015 that is.

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