SC company offers virtual surveillance cameras to parents to help keep kids safe

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A restaurant in South Carolina is hoping to catch the person who keeps illegally dumping trash on private property with a live look from a camera set up outside.

"Charleston Security Systems" is able to keep tabs on their client's cameras from a phone.

"It just gives that homeowner that peace of mind or commercial client that peace of mind that their business or home is safe," said the owner of the store Jerred Clarke.

The company also installs residential cameras, including for parents looking to keep a virtual eye on their kids when they're alone, or under the care of a babysitter.

The cameras can transmit video live in the form of an app to a tablet, PC, or mobile device, as long as there's an Internet connection.

"What you're going to be allowed to do is go onto your mobile device and actually view live footage so that way, if you have a babysitter you want to check on, or if you have kids that are at home that are right around that same age where you can actually feel safe leaving them there, you can actually check on them to have that sort of peace of mind," said Clarke.

But there's a sneakier way to keep tabs on the kids or babysitter using tiny cameras, that years ago, were considered the stuff of spies.

Online you can buy a "nanny cam" that resembles a vanity mirror, a tower fan, even a block that looks like a Lego.

If you want to hardwire your house basic services start at about $400. Those teddy bears and pens, equipped with tiny cameras can go for as little as $20 online.

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