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Your Week in Pop Culture: Facebook losing with teens, business deals; Snapchat declines $3B deal

Social media giant Facebook is losing favor with teens and may be losing its power to gobble up its competition - for now. (Source: MGN Online) Social media giant Facebook is losing favor with teens and may be losing its power to gobble up its competition - for now. (Source: MGN Online)
In her first single since 2009, Lily Allen takes on the male-dominated, over-sexualized music industry in her satirical video for "Hard Out Here." (Source: Lily Allen/YouTube) In her first single since 2009, Lily Allen takes on the male-dominated, over-sexualized music industry in her satirical video for "Hard Out Here." (Source: Lily Allen/YouTube)

(RNN) – Facebook is not only losing interest with teens and young adults, they may be losing the power to gobble up challengers with big cash.

The social media website revealed in October that teens are losing interest in the social media website and visiting other websites like Tumblr, Twitter, Vine and Snapchat. Facebook is not afraid of taking trending apps and adding them to its user experience – like its messenger – but one app service is not going to give in easily.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Snapchat, a rapid video messaging service application popular among Millennials with smartphones, turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. The co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, 23-year-old Evan Spiegel, may be waiting until next year to sell his company, which according to Slate, makes no revenue at all.

Facebook previously picked off some of its competition (the purchase of Instagram in 2012) and profited from their steady popularity. Snapchat may not make it easy for them to make another bid; the current offer was the second one made this year, and Spiegel turned down a $1 billion deal last month.

To hold on to its popularity, Snapchat might want to stay solo. Teens losing interest with a other social media sites that their parents and grandparents use could increase usage of the service and raise its value for future acquisition offers.

Music: Lily Allen faces Miley-style criticism with newest video's satirical twerk-fest

Fan of British pop star Lily Allen are excited about her latest single and video, Hard Out Here.

The video takes a satirical look at the recent controversy with the MTV Video Music Awards performance of Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke, and the sexual objectification of women in music and entertainment. Some didn't find it funny, instead calling Allen a racist for her casting choices and missing the point of the video by not listening to the lyrics.

Instead of letting people call her a hater of black girls, hip-hop and Cyrus (one of these things is not like the other, no matter how hard she might try), Allen went to Twitter with a post called "Privilege, Superiority and Misconception" on Tuesday, addressing the criticism of having a mostly black dance crew in the video (there was one white girl other than Allen dancing in the video).

"The message is clear. Whilst I don't want to offend anyone, I do strive to provoke thought and conversation. The video is meant to be a lighthearted satirical video that deals with objectification of women within modern pop culture. It has nothing to do with race, at all," Allen tweeted.

"I'm not going to apologize because I think that would imply that I'm guilty of something, but I promise you this, in no way do I feel superior to anyone, except pedophiles, rapists, murderers etc., and I would not only be surprised but deeply saddened if I thought anyone came away from that video feeling taken advantage of, or compromised in any way."

Many others are comparing Allen's Hard Out Here to Lorde's Royals, saying the songs are the beginnings of a war against mainstream pop, hip-hop culture and their excesses.

That is a better association for both songs than what other people are calling it – racist.

Jam of the week: Haim, The Wire – For those who worship at the altar of hipster goddesses, here are your muses.

Movies: Despite not being a box office smash, 'Thor' thunders to No. 1 in opening weekend

A new No. 1 has taken over in the box office, and the numbers are disappointing.

The Marvel Comic's sequel Thor: The Dark World was seen as bit of a disappointment, despite raking in $85 million in its debut.

Here's last weekend's Top 5, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to previous week's ranking and weekend gross):

  1. Thor: The Dark World (NR) $85,737,841
  2. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2) $11,326,977
  3. Free Birds (4) $11,112,063
  4. Last Vegas (3) $11,036,270
  5. Ender's Game (1) $10,259,188

Now in theaters: Nov. 15

The Best Man HolidayIn the long-awaited sequel to the 1999 film, the group of college friends reunite for Christmas in New York City. Their relationships may have changed, but the chemistry, friendship and sexual tension still remain. The film stars Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Regina Hall, Monica Calhoun, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Harold Perrineau, Eddie Cibrian and Melissa De Sousa.

Charlie CountrymanAn American man traveling abroad falls for a beautifully troubled Romanian woman with a crazy and charming ex-husband. It also features Shia LaBeouf and Rupert Grint using drugs. The film stars Evan Rachel Wood, Mads Mikkelsen, Til Schweiger, Vincent D'Onofrio and Melissa Leo. The movie is the project that LaBeouf left and was replaced by Zac Efron, who also then left, leaving LaBeouf to reprise the role.

Also in theaters: Nebraska, Dear Ms. Watterson, Faust, 12-12-12.

Sport: Heisman frontrunner Jamies Winston accused of 2012 sexual assault

The No. 2-ranked Florida State Seminoles have avoided distraction through most of the 2013 college football season.

Until now. FSU red-shirt freshman quarterback and Heisman trophy frontrunner Jamies Winston is being investigated in an alleged sexual assault from December 2012.

The university and Winston's attorney Timothy Jansen confirmed on Wednesday that the case is still being investigated by the Tallahassee Police Department to the Associated Press. No charges have been filed against Winston.

The incident allegedly happened on Dec. 7, 2012 in a Tallahassee apartment. Jansen confirms that Winston is being investigated in the allegations, but says his client maintains his innocence. Winston, according to his attorney, has never been interviewed by police and "at one point he had believed the matter had been resolved."

ESPN reported that Jansen received a phone call from the Tallahassee Police Department in February 2013 regarding the case, and that Winston was not asked to speak to police and charges weren't filed against him at that time.

In a heavily redacted incident report, the alleged assault took place in an apartment where drinking had occurred. The motive of the assault is listed as "sexual gratification." The report also does not list the suspect by name, listing the alleged suspect as between 5'9'' to 5'11 and muscular with a dark complexion and a polite demeanor. Winston is listed on the FSU website as 6'4" and 240 pounds.

The Miami Herald reports that the incident became public Wednesday when the case was turned over to the Leon County, FL state attorney from the Tallahassee Police Department when media inquiries were made on the case.

The school, FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher and the Tallahassee Police Department have all declined to make comments. FSU athletic department released a statement saying that Winston's status has not changed and that he remains with the team.

The timing of the allegations becoming public seems suspect with the incident occurring 11 months ago and Winston's name being tossed about as a Heisman hopeful. Winston's statistics this season: 2,661 yards and 26 touchdowns have helped the 'Noles to a No. 2 ranking and a potential BCS national championship appearance.

A little something from YouTube: Guy freaks out in epic 'FIFA '14' defeat

There are definitely times one should freak out.

Like if there is a spider in your hair, if you left your wallet at home when you're buying groceries or if someone is breaking into your home.

Playing a video game is not one of them. Because smashing a decent flat screen TV is never worth it - even if it is FIFA '14.

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