Some electronic devices okay on some flights during takeoff and landing

Some devices approved for takeoff

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Great news for travelers. The FAA is relaxing its rules on some flights to allow digital devices to remain on during takeoff and landing.

However, it isn't a simple solution.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton shares her tips for safe flying and knowing when, and when not, to use your devices in the air:

1. Pause for the Safety briefing - It does save lives, the passengers on the Miracle on the Hudson flight said the safety briefing helped them get out alive.

2. Shhh! Quite Zone - Talking on a cell phone, for now, is prohibited during takeoff and landing

3. Sorry not 100% - Not all planes can offer this feature - they have to go through a strict FAA security process to make sure your devices will not interfere with the aircraft systems

4. Surfing only at 10,001 feet! - If you think you are going to be surfing the net, that is also off limits when you are flying at 10,000 feet or less.

5. Laptops not on the lap - You can't just keep your laptop fired up and on your lap during takeoff and landing - those have to be stowed until you get the okay to use them

6. Use Airplane Mode - All devices will need to be switched to "airplane mode"

7. Inclement Weather - You might be asked during foggy skies or inclement weather to turn off devices as a precaution.

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