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Some electronic devices okay on some flights during takeoff and landing


Great news for travelers. The FAA is relaxing its rules on some flights to allow digital devices to remain on during takeoff and landing.

However, it isn't a simple solution.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton shares her tips for safe flying and knowing when, and when not, to use your devices in the air:

1. Pause for the Safety briefing - It does save lives, the passengers on the Miracle on the Hudson flight said the safety briefing helped them get out alive.

2. Shhh! Quite Zone - Talking on a cell phone, for now, is prohibited during takeoff and landing

3. Sorry not 100% - Not all planes can offer this feature - they have to go through a strict FAA security process to make sure your devices will not interfere with the aircraft systems

4. Surfing only at 10,001 feet! - If you think you are going to be surfing the net, that is also off limits when you are flying at 10,000 feet or less.

5. Laptops not on the lap - You can't just keep your laptop fired up and on your lap during takeoff and landing - those have to be stowed until you get the okay to use them

6. Use Airplane Mode - All devices will need to be switched to "airplane mode"

7. Inclement Weather - You might be asked during foggy skies or inclement weather to turn off devices as a precaution.

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