Breaking: School shooting

Hello everyone, this is Paul Cameron in the WBTV Newsroom.

We're getting disturbing new alerts about a school shooting at a high school in Pittsburgh. Initial reports say three students were wounded as class got out for the day. Police are actively hunting for the gunman in nearby woods. We'll go there for the latest.

A big fire got much bigger overnight near Linville Gorge. We're keeping our eyes on the "Table Rock Fire" which more than doubled in size. So far, it's not threatening any homes.

There is violence in the town of Tacloban in the Philippines. People looking for food and water are raiding stores and businesses to get what they need. The humanitarian aid from around the world has begun to arrive, but because runways are damaged and roads are blocked with debris, the distribution is only a trickle of what's desperately needed.

We didn't get much snow, but the frigid air means the NC ski slopes are blowing powder. Sugar Mountain opened today and the other resorts are soon to follow. Meantime, brrr. Will the weather be a factor when the Panthers host the Patriots on the Monday Night NFL game? Eric Thomas will give us his take now that we're five days out.

Your Cyberturf word of the week is: Candy Crushing. Know what it is? Join Kristen Miranda at 5:00PM for a detailed explanation, plus, she's looking into the new relaxed rules about using personal electronics on airplanes.

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