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Technical issue with state-wide program causes report card delay for CMS


Problems continue with North Carolina's new computer program that handles grades, attendance, transcripts, report cards and all information pertaining to students.   

The computer program is called PowerSchool.  This is the first year PowerSchool has been implemented statewide.  

Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) is dealing with a delay with students' report card.  There is a technical glitch with PowerSchool.  

The district says report cards will be on time for students in K-2, but for about 600 students in grades 3-12, that's not the case.  Parents will experience about a week delay when it comes to getting their children's report cards.

We checked North Carolina's Department of Public Instruction's website.  This is what it stated on the PowerSchool Issues page:

"The report card feature continues to function as designed; however, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Wake and some other larger districts have experienced issues with saving or posting grades. This problem occurs when many teachers enter grades at the same time, resulting in deadlocks in the database. This lockout causes the save command to time out before transactions are completed, resulting in scores not posting."

CMS has sent out Connect-Ed message to parents informing them of the delay.  CMS Chief Learning Officer Dr. Valerie Truesdale says teachers will be the ones who will carry this burden.  They will have to find time during their day to re-enter their students' grades.

"The challenge is on the teachers," Truesdale said. "So that when they input it stays in the system and it accrues in the system, and then comes out as a report card. It's been a challenging year."

 The state says the problem should be fixed by the weekend on November 17th.

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