Custody hearing to be continued for adoptive parents of missing teen

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The adoptive parents of a missing Salisbury teenager will continue to have only supervised visits with their biological children after a two-day hearing.

Multiple witnesses spoke at a two-day hearing for Sandy and Casey Parsons, who were attempting to regain custody of their biological children.

The children, ages 7 and 9, were taken from the home when an investigation began into the disappearance of teenager Erica Parsons.

Those children have been staying with James and Shirley Stone, their grandparent, since August.

The hearing is expected to resume on December 2nd.

James Stone says he wishes the family would have stepped in sooner when they suspected things weren't quite right in the home with Erica.

"I just wish we had started it quicker," a tearful James Stone told reporters on Wednesday. James Stone is the father of Casey Parsons.  "Me and my wife, we knowed the little girl was mean and Jamie was always after her, but we never suspected anything else."

"I don't think they was bringing them up right, they wasn't in school and they should have been in school," Stone added.

Jamie Parsons, Erica's adoptive brother, reported Erica missing on July 30 of 2013, but said that no one had seen the girl since November of 2011.

Casey and Sandy Parsons say they took Erica to live with her biological grandmother, a woman named Irene "Nan" Goodman, in the Asheville area.

Subsequent investigations by police and the media have not turned up any such person and Casey Parsons now says she and her husband may have been duped by the woman.

Judge Lillian Jordan is presiding at the hearing.

On Tuesday three witnesses testified, including Jamie Parsons.  More witnesses took the stand Wednesday including family members.

Jamie Parsons is opposed to the young children returning to the care of his parents, Casey and Sandy.

Carolyn Parsons spoke to WBTV about Jamie testifying against his own parents.

"Bless that little boy's heart, if I could wrap my arms around him and kiss him I would," she said. "I hope they lose their kids today and never see them again, It's not Erica being found, but it's the start of justice being done for that kid who had no voice except Jamie and me."

Casey's sister, Tammy Gray, told reporters on Tuesday that she hoped the children would never be returned to Casey and Sandy.
The children are staying with other family members. Casey and Sandy have been able to see them in supervised visits once a week, and have to attend a monthly review with the Department of Social Services.

For James and Shirley Stone, and other family members say it's been a tough chapter in their lives.

"It's tough, I think about it everyday, everyday it's on my mind, everyday," Stone added.

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