See, Click, Fix: Bridge repair bid set for 2014

See, Click, Fix: Broken bridge, crosswalk signal

The location of the bridge in need of repair is on Park Road over Little Sugar Creek in Charlotte.

Would you want to cross this bridge with a broken concrete barrier?

Apparently people have for a few years! The viewer who reported this says a drunk driver damaged the bridge in 2010 and it hasn't been fixed since.

We asked Charlotte officials what is the deal here. When will this make-shift repair become permanent?

The city responded to our inquiry, saying it's going to bid out the repair this coming January 2014.

We visited a second See, Click, Fix problem. It had us investigating all four corners of this intersection - Weddington Road at McKee Road.

That's where you reported the crosswalk signal hasn't been working... specifically when you cross McKee Road.

We went there with the expectation this would be an easy problem to identify.

We activated the crosswalk signal on both sides of McKee Rd and didn't see a problem.

We tried the Weddington Road side just in case we missed something. Those signals were problem-free too.

So while no "fix" is needed here, we can at least say we checked on your behalf. The signals appear to be working just fine.

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