Chocolate Mousse

Presented by Matthew Anderson, Johnson & Wales University


12 oz   Semi-Sweet Chocolate

2 oz     Hot Melted Butter

3 oz     Egg Yolks

1 oz     Liqueur (Optional)

16 oz   Heavy Cream

1 TableSpoon Espresso instant

Method of Preparation

1.     Chop and melt chocolate

2.     Whip cream to a soft peak

3.     Blend in the melted butter with the chocolate once melted

4.     Blend in yolks to the butter chocolate mixture (do not over blend)

5.     Add in liqueur if wanted

6.     Fold in the whipped cream in two stages

7.     Pipe into molds

Ingredients for Chocolate Sauce

equal parts chocolate
equal parts heavy cream

Method of Preparation

Melt chocolate.  Mix cream in. Chill and serve.